Monthly Archives: June 2011

Studio Update #42

Quick check in from the studio.

Mike plays some 12 string parts:

Meanwhile, Doug get’s ready for his work.
at the piano: warming up

Swinging for the fences:

Taking a break between takes:

You can tell he’s drinking tea and not coffee by the pinky extension…

Here’s a peek at Eric’s workstation. All vocals, acoustic guitars and keys are being tracked here:

More work to do, more updates to come.


Studio Progress!

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped while we’ve been working on new recordings.

Sean taking a coffee break…

Ganesh warming up before laying it down:

More updates to come!


In the Studio

We’ve been recording for a new EP release in the past week. We did drum tracks at Aaron Thompson’s Absolute Recording. I must say that Aaron is the fastest ProTools engineer I have ever worked with. He has all the right toys, and we are very happy with the sound on the tracks we got. Yesterday the Coop convened at Casa de la Busbee with the famous “Rack O’Pre’s” to record bass tracks with the inimitable Sean B. Delson. As usual, listening to Sean play made me want to go home and practice! Dr. Frampton was at the helm, and these tracks promise to be beefy… for reals. Checkout the attached video of some of my time at AR… the sounds are straight from the camera’s mic, so you can hear what the drums sounded like in the room. Pretty close to what ended up on tape.

More to come – holla!